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The death of a loved one is always a stressful and emotional situation. Occasionally the deceased did not formalize the estate to meet expectations or as they had explicitly stated. Other times it becomes apparent that more than one member of the family desires the same family heirloom from the estate that each is allowed to share in but has no right to demand.

In an attempt to keep the long-term family relationships intact, many families chose a cooperative approach to distributing items from the estate. Mediation can avoid long court battles, making family members take sides against the other family members.

Sandy N. Webb is experienced in estate mediation and can find creative approaches to distribution of estate items.

Personal Property Distribution

Conduct alternate forms of personal property distribution – Sometime what really matters are those items that meant the most to your loved one. I can provide alternate courses to distribution by litigation.

1) Round Robin – Each heir can take a turn to make a selection, valued can be assessed and deducted from their portion of the cash out distribution. I provide the mediation and rules to ensure fairness.

2) Closed Universe Auction – Each heir will be given representative points to use to bid on their favorites items. If there is an item that means everything to you – vote all of your points. If there are items you can prioritize and bid on each -- that is your choice. But the rules will ensure fairness; no one will walk away with nothing.


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