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Litigated professional negligence claims against real estate agents, doctors & lawyers.

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Errors during surgery
  • Failure to read test results properly
  • Failure to perform correct diagnostic tests

Fought insurance company & won case to repair a home damaged by storm.

Fought insurance company who initially denied coverage to driver seriously injured in accident.

Obtained regulator's approval for tax assessment structure for a local business.

Drafted & defended Trust Agreements for multi-million dollar trusts.

Helped renters remain in their home despite discrimination by the rental company based on their child's disability.

Fought & won return of security deposit wrongfully withheld, and other landlord tenant matters.

Helped families' struggles with decisions about keeping their home, won suits against collection agencies & big banks.

Compliance review for an Oregon non-profit.

Created planned giving strategy for Oregon organization.

Negotiated the multi-jurisdictional water agreement for the City of Frederick relating to infrastructure worth over eighty-one million dollars that ultimately will deliver over 16 million gallons a day to the respective jurisdictions.

Successfully fought for a waiver of $550,000 of impact fees relating to schools for an over 55 community.

Secured waiver of approximately $215,000 of water and sewer tap fees for major home improvement store by proving actual use of other comparable facilities.

Successfully monitored and alerted clients about major annexation legislation that could have caused major losses and developed position papers for lobbyist to advocate for clients.

Created policy manuals, procedures, and documents to ensure HIPAA standards were properly maintained for a college with multiple campuses and health clinics.

Drafted multi-year lease for major university to use and renovate facilities owned by a local school district.

Drafted Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements, & Customer Service Contracts for numerous small companies.

Successfully litigated, negotiated and/or otherwise gained guardianships for families or hospitals on more than 30 occasions.

Drafted Power of Attorney and other planning documents.

Assisted many families recover misappropriated funds and access funds previously denied them.
















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